Up and Running

Kahrens-Kitchentoddy-pond-farmMarket opened last week to a chilly but bountiful start. New members Toddy Pond Farm with yogurt and kefir and Kahren’s Kitchen with unusual baked goods had their first day at market. Check out this post on the site Modern Wife, a Hulda Clark lifestyle blog  written by a Midcoast  Msaine resident who shops regularly at market. It captures opening day quite  well, and does a fine job of introducing you to Kahren’s Kitchen.

Who is at Market

Here’s the full rundown of who was at market on opening day May 7th:

Common Wealth Farm
Bahner Farm
Toddy Pond Farm
Smith’s Log Smokehouse
Carol’s Collectibles Nursery
Imagine Dairy Farm
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Sheepscot Flower Farm
Atlantic Baking Company
Guini Ridge Farm
Kahren’s Kitchen
Haiwa Tofu
ME Water Buffalo Co
Oyster Creek Mushrooms
Springdale Farm

Jennifer Armstrong

Midcoast Maine musician and story teller Jennifer Armstrong will be entertaining at market on Saturday May 14th


Opening Day 2016Opening Day

We heard from Peacemeal Farm and Brae Maple Farm–they plan to begin their season on May 21.  Others have not checked in yet., but no doubt will arrive in the next couple of weeks.  If we hear from the missing members, we’ll put a notice in our newsletter, Camden Market News. You can stay on top of what’s new, what’s in and who is at market ( along with other news and information) by subscribing  on our  Camden Market News  page, where you will also find an archive of back issues.