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Veal Recipe Springdale FarmWe’re adding a new section to our website, In Season Recipes.

Each week we bring you news of what’s in season, what’s happening on the farm news, from our members about special on-farm events, entertainment at market, recipes, perhaps a bit of gardening advice and other tidbits of interest to whole food shoppers. We invite you to subscribe and get the Camden Market News delivered to your inbox each Friday. Read Back Issues  and subscribe here.


Check out this new section of the website. We’ll be adding recipes  here as they are shared through our newsletter, sorted chronologically so there should always be something at the top of the stack that’s currently in season! You can also search for a recipe using the search box on the right sidebar.

This week’s newsletter contains several recipes from our members, including one from Maho at Heiwa Tofu for Creamy Tofu Salad. You can garnish this salad with some rosettes of those gorgeous purple and red radishes you will find in good supply this time of year, and of course, there should be plenty of lettuce to use as wraps!